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Models Kelsie



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5 stars
  • Total Votes: 11
  • Total Views: 524
  • First Added 03/29/2017
  • Age 20
  • Location European
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Tits Size Medium
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  • Videos 1
  • Favorited 17 times
  • Total Views 524 views

Kelsie is a sexy little blonde from the Czech Republic. She loves working out, cooking, painting and shopping. She is saving up for a new car so wanted to earn some extra cash quick as she decided to film some adult scenes to help her out financially. This was her first time doing anal and she seemed to love it and get into it as it was making her horny... She is a little hottie so hope you enjoy watching her get fucked! Enjoy...

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Added: 03/29/2017


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