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Models Jacqueline



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4 stars
  • Total Votes: 9
  • Total Views: 175
  • First Added 11/22/2017
  • Age 18
  • Location European
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Tits Size Small
  • Photo Sets 0
  • Videos 1
  • Favorited 8 times
  • Total Views 175 views

Jacqueline is a gorgeous model from Hungary. She just started modeling in adult after she turned 18. She would like to experiment alot of different things in this industry. She currently lives with her girlfriend in an apt that they just started renting. She also works part time at a restaurant as a hostess. She has a beautiful tight little body that loves to show it off.. we hope you enjoy her sexy sets!

Photo Sets

No Photo Sets have been published for this Model.


Added: 07/11/2017