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Models Aiko Mai

Aiko Mai

Aiko Mai

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5 stars
  • Total Votes: 32
  • Total Views: 1683
  • First Added 09/25/2017
  • Age 21
  • Location European
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Tits Size Small
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  • Videos 2
  • Favorited 30 times
  • Total Views 1683 views

Aiko Mai is a sexy little porn star from Russia that currently resides in Prague. She has done many shoots the last couple years with many big companies. We were excited to have her shoot with us! She is naturally sexy and seductive. She loves getting off in front of people and she enjoys it alot you can tell.. She would like to work with numerous people doing girl/girl and boy/girl shoots in the future.. we can't wait to schedule her again! Enjoy!!!!

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