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Models Lady Dee

Lady Dee

Lady Dee

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5 stars
  • Total Votes: 25
  • Total Views: 996
  • First Added 12/14/2017
  • Age 19
  • Location European
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Tits Size Small
  • Photo Sets 3
  • Videos 2
  • Favorited 17 times
  • Total Views 996 views

Sexy Lady Dee is a 19 year old porn star from the Czech Republic. Since she has turned 18 she has worked for numerous companies expanding her nude portfolio. She loves to show off and loves to play with toys. She is part caucasian and part asian. She gets her exotic looks from her mother. It was a joy to have her shoot for us and we hope to have more upcoming ones scheduled soon! She loves to travel, shop and eat out! Enjoy!!!

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